Countdown to Selection Sunday

Selection Sunday is my favorite day in sports.  I am bored, since I sprained my finger playing ball Friday night, and I can’t play right now.  At least I shot 5-6 from three before I hurt my finger.  It would have been six in a row if I did not sprain my finger on the dang ball, so I have made a bracket, just for fun.  Feel free to comment, or to make one yourself.  If you do, make sure to follow the rules when you make a bracket.   All conference champs are in parenthesis.  There should be 31 of them, one from each conference.  At this point Kentucky is NOT in the tournament!


(at Dayton, OH)

1. Pittsburgh (Big East)   vs. 16. play-in game (Radford (Big South) vs. Alabama St (SWAC))

8. Butler (Horizon) vs. 9. Wisconsin

(at Portland, OR)

5. Washington vs. 12. Siena (MAAC)

4. Xavier  (Atlantic 10) vs. 13. UNLV

(at Boise, ID)

6. West Virginia vs. 11. Michigan

3. Missouri vs. 14. Vermont (America East)

(at Greensboro, NC)

7. Utah (Mountain West) vs. 10. Florida

2. Duke vs. 15. Cornell (IVY)


(at Greensboro, NC)

1. North Carolina (Atlantic Coast) vs. 16. Jacksonville (Atlantic Sun)

8. Texas vs. 9. Tennessee

(at Miami, FL)

5. Villanova vs. 12. Western Kentucky (Sun Belt)

4. Purdue vs. 13. Buffalo (MAC)

(at Minneapolis,  MN)

6. LSU (SEC) vs. 11. Maryland

3. Kansas vs. 14. Weber State (Big Sky)

(at Dayton, OH)

7. Arizona vs. 10. Penn State

2. Louisville vs. 15. Robert Morris (Northeast)


(at Philadelphia, PA)

1. Connecticut vs. 16. Morgan State (MEAC)

8. Ohio State vs. 9. BYU

(at Boise, ID)

5. Gonzaga (WCC) vs. 12. Kansas State

4. Wake Forest vs. 13. Virginia Commonwealth (CAA)

(at Miami, FL)

6. UCLA vs. 11. Minnesota

3. Clemson vs. 14. American (Patriot)

(at Kansas City, KS)

7. Syracuse vs. 10. South Carolina

2. Memphis (Conference USA) vs. 15. Sam Houston State (Southland)

WEST REGIONAL (at Arizona)

(at Kansas City, KS)

1. Oklahoma (Big XII) vs. 16. Long Beach State (Big West)

8. Dayton vs. 9. Boston College

(at Portland, OR)

5. Illinois vs. 12. San Diego State

4. Arizona State (Pac-10) vs. 13. Creighton (Missouri Valley)

(at Philadelphia, PA)

6. Florida State vs. 11. Davidson (Southern)

3. Marquette vs. 14. North Dakota State (Summit League)

(at Minneapolis, MN)

7. California vs. 10. Utah State (WAC)

2. Michigan State (Big Ten) vs. 15. Eastern Kentucky (OVC)

Final Four will be at Detroit, Michigan

Try to follow all rules:

-Seeds must be 1-16, 8-9, 5-12, 4-13, 6-11, 3-14, 7-10, 2-15

-All conference TOURNAMENT champions get an AUTOMATIC BID (except the IVY league, which does not have a conference tournament, so the regular season champion gets the automatic bid).

-The top four seeds in a region cannot contain two or more teams from the same conference (example: If the one seed in a certain region is a Big East team, then there can be no Big East team seeded two, three, or four in that particular region).  The same rules apply for seeds 13-16 (although this is HIGHLY unlikely).

-Teams from the same conference should not have the possibility of meeting until the regional final (Elite Eight), unless there are nine or more teams from that conference.

-Try to avoid re-matches of the regular season in the first two rounds.

-No team can have “homecourt advantage” in any situation, unless it is in the final four (Ford Field does not host anyone).  Homecourt advantage is defined as having three REGULAR SEASON games scheduled at a certain venue (example: Villanova cannot play in Philadelphia in the first round.  They have had at least three games scheduled in the regular season at the Wachovia Center.  UCONN cannot play in Hartford, CT.  In women’s basketball, the homecourt rule DOES NOT apply).

-Also, when determining the “play-in game”, the Northeast conference does not play any team from the SWAC, or the Southland Conference.

-There are 31 automatic bids, and 34 at large bids.


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