Terry Porter gets canned. Are you kidding me?

OK, Terry Porter got canned today by the Phoenix Suns for doing exactly what spineless Steve Kerr wanted him to do.  Play a slower, more defensive style, emulating the Spurs.  However,with  Steve Nash and Amare whining, Steve Kerr decides to retract on what he wanted at the beginning of the year, cans Porter, and now hires Alvin Gentry as the interim coach.  He will utilize the run and gun style that got them owned by the Spurs in the last three seasons (out of four).  We all know that Steve Nash’s role diminished in Porter’s system, largely because he cannot play any defense (like the rest of the Suns, but he is more deficient on defense than most of the other players).  This is another example where the player is bigger than the coach.  Amare has been bitching since day one, and they have gone in the tank, as they are on the outside looking in, as far as the playoff race is concerned.  Would not surprise me to watch them win 10 straight, as they will play harder, because they got what they want (See what Kidd said in 04′ when Byron Scott got canned, and Lawrence Frank became coach.  They won their first 14 games under Frank).  This kind of reminds me of when Gilbert Arenas predicted to score 50 points against the Portland Trailblazers.  He only scored nine, and his excuse?  The coach wanted him and the rest of the team to play defense, imagine that.  The moral of this whole story?  Bitch and bitch some more, until you get your way, especially if you are a star player.  Then, the spineless GM will give in to your bitching, and will make some moves, wrongfully hurting others, like Porter in this case.  I, for one will be rooting against the Suns, and will be laughing when they are once again, pwned by the Spurs.


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