DeJuan Blair owns Thabeet

Pittsburgh goes into Hartford tonight on Big Monday, and defeats Connecticut 76-68.  Pitt should be ranked number one, provided they don’t lose this week.  Thabeet was on lock tonight, as he was getting scored on by DuJuan Blair time and time again.  Thabeet got exposed, as his offensive game is limited to a dunk or a layup.  He got one dunk tonight, and that was it.  Five points, four rebounds, and two blocks in 23 minutes.  He was foul plagued throughout the second half.  DuJuan Blair gets 22 points and a career high 23 rebounds.  A monster game against one of the nation’s most dominating player on defense.  DuJuan Blair is a beast, and he should be mentioned along with; Stephen Curry, Jodie Meeks, Blake Griffin, and Hasheem Thabeet as candidates for player of the year.  What a dynamite performance tonight.  Pittsburgh could have a break through season this year.  They do play each other again on March 7th in Pittsburgh.  Look for Thabeet to have a better game, but he was owned and dominated tonight.


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