is the SEC really down this year?

There are some people that think the SEC is down this year, and there are some that just think it is underrated.  Well, I went through every team in the conference and checked out their records against other BCS conferences and the A-10.  I was hoping to find out that the SEC is actually up to par with everyone else, but what I found out is that this year, the conference just isn’t quite ready.

  • Alabama- (2-3) Wins against GW and St Joe’s.  Losses to Oregon (ouch), Texas A&M, and Clemson.
  • Arkansas- (2-0) Wins over Oklahoma and Texas.
  • Auburn- (2-2) Wins over Virginia and GW.  Losses to Dayton and Xavier.
  • Florida- (2-2) Wins against Washington and NC State.  Losses to Syracuse and Florida State.
  • Georgia- (1-3) Win against Va Tech.  Losses to Illinois, Mizzou, and Georgia Tech.
  • Kentucky- (3-3) Wins against WVU, Indiana, and Kansas State.  Losses to UNC, Miami, and Louisville.
  • LSU- (1-2) Win against Washington State.  Losses to Texas A&M and Xavier.
  • Ole Miss- (0-2) Losses to WVU and Louisville.
  • Mississippi State- (0-4) Losses to Washington St., Texas Tech, Charlotte, and Cincy.
  • South Carolina- (1-1) Win against Baylor, lost to Clemson.
  • Tennessee- (2-2) Wins against Georgetown and Marquette.  Losses to Temple and Kansas.
  • Vanderbilt- (2-2)  Wins against S. Florida and Massachusetts.  Losses to Georgia Tech and Illinois.

As a whole, here is the conference’s record against the others.

  • ACC (4-7)
  • Big XII (4-6)
  • Pac 10 (2-2)
  • Big Ten (1-2)
  • Big East (4-5)
  • A-10 (3-5)

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