All-Star Weakend

The NBA is rigged.  I don’t think I said it loudly enough.  THE NBA IS RIGGED!!!  OK, now I feel better.  This “All-Star” weekend was absolutely pathetic.  The only good things that came out of this sorry event was that the world got to see that Kevin Durant is a beast, and Shaq’s dance (and the clown that fell down). First off, H-O-R-S-E, I mean, G-E-I-C-O was weak, but I will give it the benefit of the doubt, as it was the first time we have had such game. Next time, can we play S-T-E-R-N? The dunk contest was rigged, tell me how does “Superman” and “Kryponite” magically appear in the finals? And why the hell would Dwight Howard allow Robinson to use him as a prop in the finals. Something seems fishy. Robinson did not even clear Howard without a push off his shoulder. Glad to see “Kryponite” be the downfall of “Superman”, once again.
The NBA all-star game was terrible. First off, where were all of the dunks early? The East all-stars were just jacking up threes, and missing with astonishing regularity. Once again Ko-ME takes 23 shots in this game, to get 27. LeBron was LeBrick tonight, missing dunk after dunk, and shot 8-19, including the ‘make way for the king’ dunk at the very end (that he made). I got see Dwyane Wade pull a Nick Calathes at the line (too bad the game was out of reach, though), and I got to see the East quit in the fourth quarter. The East only scored 52 points in the second half! The final was a very unentertaining 146-119 West win. Even worse than the game itself, the MVP award. Once again, rigged. There is no way in hell that Snaq O’meal, and Ko-ME received the exact same number of votes from the national audience. Chris Paul received my vote for MVP. I suppose 14 assists and one turnover (along with 14 points, and 7 rebounds) does not count for anything? All Shaq did was dunk, and Kobe shot 23 times to get 27. Real MVP performances there. The co-MVP was the capper on an All-Star WEAKend.


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