Road, Sweet Road?


Kentucky gets another road win in the SEC.  They are now 4-1 on the road in the SEC.  They are 3-2 at home in the SEC.  All four of Kentucky’s wins on the road in the SEC have been decided by 10 points or more (Kentucky had one win period, by 10 points or more in the SEC).  Kentucky, has won only one game in the SEC, at home, by 10 points or more.  Kentucky has played much better on the road this season than they have at home.  They were one minute away from losing three consecutive home games in the SEC for the first time ever.  Today, they won 79-63 at Arkansas, without Patterson in the lineup.  Once again, Meeks goes off on the road.

Meeks scored 45 points this afternoon, making it the second time this season, that he has scored 45 or more points on the road in the SEC.  He breaks the Bud Walton Arena scoring record, and he broke the Thompson Boiling Arena scoring record with his 54 against Tennessee.  Also, he scored 46 points against Appy State in Louisville.  Meeks’ better games have come on the road.  Meeks is the only player in the nation to score 45 points or more without the benefit of overtime (Ryan Toolson, of Utah Valley, scored 63 points in 4 OTs, and Ben Woodside scored 60 points in a 3 OT contest).  He has three of the top five indivdual scoring performances this year.  Stephen Curry scored 44 points on two occasions, but failed to hit at least half of his field goal attempts(15-33 and 12-29), and failed to shoot over 40% from three (4-14, 6-15), on both occasions.  Also, of the top five scoring, Meeks is the only player to have scored 44 or more points while attemting fewer than 25 shots, and shooting 60% or better from the field (he did this in all three scoring performances).   He is also the only player to score 44 points or more while scoring fewer than 10 free-throws (he did this twice).  Meeks is having an amazing year this year, but can UK play all of their games away from Rupp please?

Kentucky seems to be back on track with their win.  They seem to play better on the road, even though there are road contests at Vandy (they hit everything they throw up in that gym, especially against UK), at South Carolina, and at Florida, a place UK has not won in since 2004.  Keep UK away from Rupp, and UK should be fine, even though their home games are all winnable.  Props to UK today in their road win against Arkansas.


2 Responses

  1. […] is better on the road than at home.  That’s just wrong, but that is what the record […]

  2. if the crowd at Rupp would cheer for their team instead of boo and tell them to shoot, they’ll be fine at home

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