A few thoughts from the Florida game

First of all, Calathes is a beast. He is the best all around player in the SEC, if not the entire country. Let the two triple doubles speak for themselves. Calathes nearly carried Florida to victory on the road when no one else on his team was doing anything. Too bad his missed freethrows ruined his career night.

Also, this was a huge win for Kentucky. They are tied for first in the SEC East, but have the toughest part of the schedule still ahead of them. Kentucky must win at Arkansas and at Vanderbilt to have any chance at winning the SEC East. These two games will tell us if Kentucky’s win over Florida was a building block, or simply an aberration.

Galloway should be the point guard for Kentucky. If yesterday’s performance does not earn him a starting job, I don’t know what will. Knowing Gillispie, it is hard to tell who starts. Ever since Harris has been injured, he has not been the same player. It seems as though he has lost that “edge” so to speak, so Galloway should take his place in the starting line-up. Six points, eight rebounds, and nine assists, very good numbers. If Gillispie has a brain, he will be starting on Saturday.

Lastly, how did Hodge get thrown out? It does not make any sense. Hodge meant no harm, and even apologized after it happened. That was poor judgment on the referee’s part. That was ridiculous.


2 Responses

  1. He was looking down for 2 steps, and then stepped on him. Hodge is a bitch. You are right, he didn’t deserve to be thrown out, he deserved to get his ass kicked.

  2. Do you think his apology was only made so he could stay in the game? Aubrey Coleman is a bitch, so is that USC kid who hit Blake Griffin in the nuts (I was watching that game).

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