Gillispie is running out of excuses

Billy Clyde Gillispie has officially run out of excuses.  Everyone is healthy, Meeks was playing at a high level, and UK was pushing the top 25.  Even people at ESPN were giving UK some props.  Since then, UK has lost three games in a row, in mind numbing ways.  Gillispie has snapped at the media, and was acting like a little girl after the South Carolina game.  It is time for him to sober up and to start coaching this basketball team.  He has been owned by Andy Kennedy, Rick Stansbury, and Derrin Horn in the last three games.  Gottfried and Lebo out-coached him too, but they were so deficient in talent level, that the better coach lost.  When all you can talk about is toughness, and when all you can say is “we got whipped”, it may be time to re-evaluate yourself.   As Tennessee fans have gotten tired of Bruce Pearl’s act, UK fans are becoming weary of Gillispie’s act.  The problems plaguing this team at the beginning of the year are still plaguing UK now.  They cannot handle the ball, they can’t rebound, and they can’t guard the perimeter.  Once again, an opposing team lights up Rupp (I could light up Rupp with all those wide open shots that UK seems to allow).  Good to see Turner had a career high tonight, but what else is new?  The problems have not improved from the beginning of the season.  This team is imploding, and the players got into a confrontation with one another after the game tonight.  That may or may not be a good thing, but according to Patterson, it was a good thing.  This team was playing very well before these three loses.   Gillispie needs to change it up, and quit being so stubborn, because what ever he is doing now, it is not working.  Has Gillispie lost this team?  Patterson and Stevenson have become lazy, I don’t see the passion and the fire that they played with during the earlier stages of the season.   It’s not fire Gillispie time yet, but it is time to turn it around, starting next week, or it will be time for an ultimatum to be issued.  His time for making excuses is up.   Now is the time to turn it around, or else UK will lose six out of their last eight, and be relegated to the CBI.

3 Responses

  1. Jodie has his tooth knocked out late in the game, which is why they took him out and put Slone in

  2. Fixed, was mis-informed.

  3. Fire Billy G

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