UK basketball is depressing the hell out of me

I am completely tired of this.  Have we seriously lost to Miss. St. 2 years in a row?  WOW!!!  I think we officially suck now.  Being at Rupp tonight, I noticed a few things about this team.

  • We aren’t good……at all!
  • No way should Perry Stevenson ever man up the other teams point guard or shooting guard on defense.
  • People need to stop saying the fans suck.  Do you want us to cheer for our team that has lost 3 in a row to lesser competition?  Blow me!!  I am boo-ing like a sum bitch if Ramon Harris messes up 3 times in 14.2 seconds.
  • I swear Billy G tells Porter and Miller not to shoot the ball from downtown….but Deandre, make it rain!!!!!
  • Pat Pat is getting lazier and lazier, if he goes pro, he will get dogged night in and night out.
  • Perry Stevenson is indeed a reincarnation of Bambi trying to walk on ice…he’s uncoordinated as hell.
  • The worst thing to happen to this team was Jodie scoring 54 points.  Now teams are focusing on our best only shooter, and then add that with the fact that he tries too hard now when he has the ball.
  • We will go 3-5 in our final 8 games, making us NIT bound….YIPEE!!
  • Landon Slone should play atleast 15 minutes a game from here on out because teams are sagging on us so much on defense.
  • I would love to see a starting lineup of Meeks, Miller, Stevenson, Harrellson, and Pat Pat
  • If I hear Billy G use the word toughness one more time when talking about why we lost, I am going to hang myself.

Well, atleast tomorrow is football signing day!  And for all you Reds fans, we signed the missing link to our World Series team last night in Humberto Cota, wow…..I give up, my life blows.

Here is to hoping Billy G pulls this stubborn stick out of his ass and lets this team play basketball so that we can continue our streak of NCAA tournament bids, and to avoid extreme embarrassment.


5 Responses

  1. I got a new cheer for you:

    Who’s a whiney bitch

    you are
    you are

    who’s a whiney bitch

    you are
    you are

    you suck

  2. let me guess….either a UT fan or an Ohio State fan?

  3. Ohio state fans could give a shit less about how bad UK sucks. But as a non UK fan that gets to listen to UK fans all the time I do enjoy seeing them lose as most UK fans think they are going to be the best thing in college hoops every year. You are a declining powerhouse and the sooner you realize it the better your life will be. Now come back with some insult about Ohio State football like most of you do when someone bashes your team that none of you can even stand anymore.

  4. Can’t* stand

  5. I am actually someone that does realize we aren’t a powerhouse so that comment doesn’t bother me too much. Ohio State has a good football team, but obviously not a championship caliber team.

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