Bobby Knight coaching at Georgia?

ESPN has an article up stating that Coach Knight has interest in the vacant coaching position at the University of Georgia.  According to the article, if he was offered the job, he would accept.

Georgia better offer Coach Knight this job.  Hell, the officials for the SEC better hope he is offered the job.  Knight might not make UGA a powerhouse, but their program will instantly become a household name.  The credibility of the program will instantly rise, and the recruiting will be a lot easier.

I know he didn’t do much at Texas Tech, but taking UGA to the NCAA tournament every year will be more than what the doctor ordered.  And I guarantee you that if he is named coach, they will sell out next season’s home games within a week.  I can’t wait to see Coach Knight at Rupp once a year taking ass-whoopin’s from a guy, Billy G, who obviously lives to be Bobby Knight part 2.

Let’s hope this shade of red works out better for him.  Here’s to coach Knight!

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  1. I like that prospect!

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