What a crazy superbowl! (Was it rigged?)

First off, congratulations to the Arizona Cardinals for your run to the superbowl, and for fighting back, despite the referees trying to keep you out of it.  Also, congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers for winning the superbowl, and making the plays late to win.   The last play looked like a forward pass, if you remember Tom Brady against Oakland and the infamous “tuck rule”.  The play wasn’t even reviewed (not well, anyway), and the Lombardi trophy was handed to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  On the drive in the third quarter, Arizona was tagged with THREE personal foul penalties, and at least two of them (especially the roughing the passer penalty) were bogus.  Luckily for AZ, Pittsburgh could only score three points.  Also, in the fourth quarter, how the hell did Harrison not get thrown out for punching a player, even John Madden was wondering.   The “penalty” was half the distance to the goal, or about 18 inches, as Arizona had them pinned.  I know that the Steelers were called for some penalties late, but some of the penalties were virtually inconsequential, including the last penalty of the game and the Harrison penalty.  On the interception run back, did anyone not see that #56 for the Steelers was blocking in the back?  I saw it, but naturally the flag was on Arizona, giving a touchdown to the Steelers.  The referees assist the Steelers, once again, just like superbowl XL.  Could it be that Barack Obama ordered this game to have the result that it did?  I wonder.   Now two teams from the NFC West feel as if they were screwed against the Steelers. 

However, with all of that said, Arizona really screwed up on the last play of the half.  Instead of a fade route to Fitzgerald, Warner tries to throw over the middle, and right into Harrison’s lap.  At that point, you should NEVER risk an interception.  That 14 point swing was the worst case scenario.  Instead of 10-10, or 14-10, it is now 7-17.  Also, what happened to Arizona’s defense?  Roethlisberger, like so many other times escapes pressure to make a play.  Santonio Holmes played a hell of a game, especially on the last drive.  Roethlisberger may be the next Tom Brady, winning three or more superbowls.  Roethlisberger was clutch tonight.   I feel bad for Warner, as I thought he played extremely well, save for that interception and that “fumble”.


3 Responses

  1. Amen. Well Said. I agree with you. The fix is on.

  2. I agree with you 100%.
    Was highly intense at the 4th. The refs seemed to calling everything on Arizona and turning their heads during The Steelers. Made a lot of people upset. I really was hoping for Arizona to win. They were close, and if some calls were made correctly, maybe the story would be different. I was a bit bothered at the interception and touchdown from The Steelers but that’s the game I guess. Good writing.

  3. It was an idiotic, boneheaded play at best. Fade route to Fitzgerald, worst case scenario, field goal attempt from 25 yards to make it 10-10 at half. Instead, 17-7.

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