What a joke! Get ready for the NIT!!!!

Kentucky, after going five and zero in conference play has now dropped two straight.  This time, UK loses to South Carolina 78-77 at Rupp.  Once again, Jodie is guarded closely, still gets 20, and Patterson gets 28, but no one else does anything.   How do you allow South Carolina to shoots 76 times, 28 more times than UK?  UK, once again is too lazy to grab defensive rebounds, as more than half of South Carolina’s were on the offensive end.  They grabbed 18 offensive rebounds!  Also, Kentucky cannot handle the ball worth crap.  21 turnovers, absolutely ridiculous.  It is appalling, how much UK lacks in fundementals.  Also, how do you not get a shot off at the end of the game?  Oh, yeah, its Kentucky, I forgot.  Liggins continues to be retarded, and now Porter, can’t hit a lay-up, I mean what the hell?  Stevenson, usually a good free-throw shooter chokes at the line.  This team is imploding, much like Tennessee.  When Tennessee gets it handed to them against Florida tonight, they will have lost FIVE home games this year.  Gillispie did something that Tubby didn’t, and that was to lose to South Carolina at home.  The Florida Gators will win the SEC, with South Carolina and LSU coming in at second.  Kentucky will be playing on Thursday night in the tournament.  Inexplicable losses in the last two games.

Keep in mind, that Kentucky could lose every game except for Georgia and Tennessee.  They get Mississippi State, Florida, at Arkansas, and at Vanderbilt, for their next four (then they get Tennessee at home, at South Carolina, LSU, Georgia, and at Florida).  UK could lose all four of those games, and if Kentucky continues to play the way that they have been playing, they will.  If this crap continues, never mind the NIT, UK might get the two seed for the……CBI!!!!!


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  1. MSG! MSG! MSG! MSG!

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