UPDATE! Ashley Russell…

ashley-russell-10Ashley Russell is smoking and our most popular post on RtW.  So since she is so popular I thought I would do an update.  Here is another website with some more links to sites about her.  One bad thing, she is from Indiana.  She is 5’4, which is a major plus for people like me that are vertically challenged.  She is 28 and lives in Nashville.  Time for me to get in my car and find her.

This is her About Me from Rivals ” I am a TV HOST, an ACTRESS, a SPORTS REPORTER, an ENTREPENEUR, a former OWNER and PRESIDENT of AMAX MODEL TALENT AGENCY, a WRITER, a Hoosier and Notre Dame FAN for life, a hard WORKER, a big THINKER, a RISK TAKER, a BELIEVER in God, a loud LAUGHER, a problem SOLVER, a former softball PLAYER and competitive GYMNAST, a SKIER, a TRAVELER, a Led Zeppelin BUFF, an OPTIMIST, a quick LEARNER, a PERFECTIONIST, a DAUGHTER, a SISTER, a COUSIN, a loyal FRIEND, a GODMOTHER, a GROOMSWOMAN, a huge animal ENTHUSIAST, a MIDWESTERN GIRL at heart but a converted SOUTHERN BELLE, a very speedy DRIVER, a movie QUOTER, a scary movie FANATIC, a wine ENTHUSIAST, a seafood LOVER, A party PLANNER, a blessings COUNTER, an vintage record COLLECTOR , a go-GETTER, a proud PET-PARENT, an EXTOVERT, an ORGANIZER, a smart COOKIE, a spiritual SOUL….and an all around nice GIRL.”    I think she went to MTSU.

I also requested to be her friend on MySpace, so if she accepts I should get some more info about her.

Thanks LJ for the heads up on the “Unofficail Fan Club” for Ashley.  Hope this is the one you were talking about.



4 Responses

  1. about this last picture…..HOLY SHIT!

  2. why dont you go check out what team she roots for

    http://www.irishroundtable.com/ ?p=829

  3. My kind of body…smoking hot!!!!

  4. join the discussion at the reporter caps forum…

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