Piss poor effort tonight

No excuses for losing to Mississippi tonight.  Without their best player in Chris Warren and Polynice, no excuses for losing this game.  Malcolm White who averages 5.7 points per games has scored a career high 20 points tonight.  All five starters for Mississippi scored above their average tonight.  UK also gave up 85 points tonight, which is absolutely pathetic (this team averages 72.5, and UK gives up 63.5).  This Mississippi team got drilled by LSU 83-51 on the same court, and also got smoked at New Mexico 103-70.  There is no excuse for Kentucky losing this game.  Mississippi grabbed fourteen offensive rebounds, and hit ten three point shots.  Once again, UK decides to leave opponents WIDE open on the perimeter.  I think I could hit five threes against UK (OK, maybe I’m exaggerating, but you get my point).  The defensive effort was poor tonight, no rebounding, no guarding the perimeter, and very few blocked shots.  Mr. Downey must be licking his chops, as he gets his shot at UK on Saturday.   Meeks had a poor game tonight, did not shoot well, but everyone has those nights.  If UK plays defense, and plays with passion, UK wins.  Also, Liggins is a complete liability on this team.  Gillispie knew what he was doing when he gave Porter extended minutes.  Liggins has talent and athleticism, but is has zero basketball IQ, besides, what the hell is doing shooting 16 times tonight?  He shot more than Meeks tonight!  Porter isn’t great, but he is the best available for UK right now.  Stevenson got exposed tonight as well, or he gave zero effort.  He was constantly beaten to the boards and cannot score a basket outside of a dunk.  He grabbed seven boards, but a lot of them were late.   Obviously UK cannot stand prosperity, as they are ranked for the first time all year, only to lose to an injury depleted team.  Maybe ESPN is right in not giving UK respect.  They lost a lot of it tonight.  UK better give a better effort on Saturday, or else the Cocks’ will come into Rupp and get a W.


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