Has this been talked about yet?


Not to beat a dead horse, but this is as bad as it gets.  I truly feel like this was a glimpse into the future.  Meeks is awesome, but he can’t continue to carry this team, not in the SEC.  Everyone is right, we need a 3rd threat.  They don’t even have to be able to score, just the ability to make other teams think they can so “Rhythm and Bruise” can have a chance of seeing just straight man to man.  Whoever this 3rd threat is, they are not on the current UK Squad.  If everyone returns, I think Hood will be that guy next year, but til then lets hope something changes.  And would someone please let Ramon know that it’s not the number, he just blows.  Three numbers in 3 years (34,22,5), what a horrible player.   The game was depressing, but this always brings a smile to my face.



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