Did we seriously lose to Ole Miss?

This is why UK isn’t ranked in the Coaches Poll and why they don’t deserve to be ranked from here on out.

  • Deandre Liggins is terrible.  He can’t shoot, and he is RETARDED with the ball in his hand.
  • Pat and Perry played like 4 year old pussies tonight.  They didn’t leave their feet once to grab a rebound.  I would have put up Al Jefferson numbers on these guys tonight.
  • People learned how to guard Jodie Meeks tonight….I’m nervous.
  • Why do we continue to focus so much on double teaming the ball?  I have always hated that concept.  You can’t leave a D-1 player WIDE OPEN….unless his jersey says Kentucky on the front.
  • Where was Michael Porter?
  • Where is Jorts?  Jesus Christ, let the man play!!!!
  • If Pat goes pro after this year, HE WILL NOT DO SHIT!!!!

There is no reason in hell we should have ever lost this game.  Ole Miss is missing 2 of its top 3 players, and they have no inside presence.  I don’t know what happened prior to the game that took the heart out of our guys, but I want to know ASAP.  We have a tough stretch to end the season, and if we play like this, we better get ready for the NIT.


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