Could we have a Final Four from hell?

This year’s final four will be played in Detroit, Michigan, at Ford Field, home of the winless Lions.  After tonight’s performance, there is no reason to believe that Kentucky will be playing in Detroit during the first week in April.  There are teams, however that are contenders, even though these teams are not exactly loved by Wildcat Nation.  Imagine if these teams were in the Final Four;

DUKE- Almost everyone who is a UK fan hates this team.  When Christian Laettner hit the game winner, after pulling an Aubrey Coleman on Aminu Timberlake, the hatred began.  That shot cost UK a Final Four, and possible a national title.  This team is the media darlings, as they are shown on ESPN, about 25 times a year.  We had the pleasure of watching them play Loyola (Md).  Not to mention, Krzyzewski is too big of a pansy to have a home and home with Kentucky (or with anyone else not named Michigan or St. John’s).  This team is ranked number one in the country right now, and is one of the hottest teams.  They play excellent defense and can score, and they have Coach K.

NORTH CAROLINA- This is the team that is threatening to surpass UK in all-time wins.  This cannot happen, and if North Carolina goes to the Final Four, the gap will close quickly.  Also, this might be Billy pACCker’s favorite team, and all UK fans hate Billy pACCker.  This team has a five game winning streak on Kentucky and owns a 21-10 lead in the series.  Also, I hate Roy Williams!  This team can score as well as anyone, and play decent defense.  They have very strong guard play, and they have…Tyler Hans-travel.  As long as he gets away with murder, UNC always has a chance.

LOUISVILLE- This team is often referred to as “Little Brother” by Kentucky fans.  Many fans are still fuming that Pitino betrayed Kentucky and went to Louisville.  Although fans hate Pitino, most would take him back in a heartbeat.  This is arguably Kentucky’s biggest rivals, and Kentucky fans cannot stand to see this team succeed.  This team beat UK on a last second shot earlier in the month.  This team is arguably the hottest team in college basketball.  They have won seven straight games, six against Big East teams, and four against ranked opponents.  They have road wins at Villanova and Syracuse.  They play excellent defense, and if/when they learn to shoot, look out.

UCLA- This team has the most championships in all of Men’s college basketball.  If UK wants to surpass them in championships, UCLA cannot win another one.  UCLA is first all-time with eleven championships, but ten are with cheater John Wooden, and have only won one since 1975.  UK is second with seven, and will not contend for a title this year, and may not for a while.  A lot of UK fans may root for Duke if they were to meet in a championship game.  This team is led by Ben Howland.  This team seems to be a little bit weaker than the last three teams, but they have been to the Final Four in each of the last three seasons.  They play good defense, have good point guard play, and if Darren Collison can rediscover his shot, this team is a threat to go far. 

If this foursome were to compete in the Final Four, UK fans would have to root for the lesser of the four evils to win the championship.  This is very possible, given the circumstances (Indiana, Tennessee, and Florida are not likely to win four games in the tournament).  This would be a Kentucky fan’s worst nightmare.


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