Win by 100 and get canned

I am sure you have heard about the girls basketball team that won 100-0.  Well, news broke out today that the coach of the winning team has been fired for not apologizing of the wide margin.  What kind of bs is that?  You hire a coach to do what?  Win.  The coach wins by 100, has his team playing suffocating D, and you reward him by doing what?  Giving him a pink slip?  What a joke.

I don’t care if it was a christian school.  I also don’t care that the team they beat is full of chicks with dyslexia.  The skanks haven’t won a game in 4 years, give it up already!  Your school has 20 kids in it.  There is no reason they should be allowed to have a team after this ass-whooping.

If I’m Billy G, open a spot on the coaching staff and give this coach a shout.

Article here


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