What a crappy Superbowl!

More like the SuperToiletBowl.  This has to be the worst match-up imaginable.   You have the so-called champs from 2005, the Pittsburgh Steelers.  When the refs gave them the superbowl in Detroit three years ago, people were all over the Steeler bandwagon, while Ben Roethlisburger was whining about how nobody believed in his team (funny how the Seahawks were complaining about the same thing).  As we know, that was Jerome Bettis’ last game, in his hometown of Detroit, how can you deny him a superbowl ring?  Expect the terrible towels to out in full force, and expect Roethlisberger to think that nobody believed in his team.   Arizona, I mean what the hell?  In weeks 15 and 16, when they were getting clownstomped by the Vikings and the Patriots respectively, everybody was complaining about how they shouldn’t make it.  Then they beat Matt Ryan and the Falcons, they they beat my favorite wide receiver and the Panthers, and then they beat (barely) the Eagles.   I know a lot of people will be behind the Cardinals, like I am.  How in the hell is Kurt Warner still playing?  It amazes me that he can play like an all-pro, and at times play worse than Mike Hartline.   The defense is giving up yards, as they gave up almost 500 yards today, but they are getting the takeaways (they got six against Carolina) that they need.  They have been the underdog all post-season long.  Look for them to play the disrespect card, at least 100 times.  The disrespect card, one of the more tiring cliches in the sports world today, will be used by both teams (like it has by every other team, except for the Patriots last year).  

The only interesting thing will be that the Steelers will play against their former offensive coordinator, Ken Wisenhunt, who was OC for the Steelers in the Superbowl.   A lot of offense versus a lot of defense.  If history repeats itself, a lot of defense will beat a lot of offense (think about another tiring cliche).  As much as I hate to say it, look for the Steelers to win, and for the Arizona Cardinals, to once again be disrespected.   Also, look for a boring Superbowl, I mean Pittsburgh versus Arizona?  I mean, what the hell?


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  1. It should be noted, that during WWII due to lack of funds and players, the cardinals and steelers merged as one team for a season and they’re playing each other, ironic?

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