Why Tennessee continues to be vastly inferior to Kentucky

Yes, for the 140th time last night, Tennessee got owned by Kentucky, and by a guy by the name of Jodie Meeks. UK once again exposed Tennessee, and sent the Vol fans home crying. These Vols seem to think that they are on the same level as Kentucky. They don’t belong, they suck, and the game last night epitomizes inferiority for Tennessee.

Reason number one, why Tennessee is vastly inferior, the fans: Tennessee has the largest basketball arena in the SEC and the second largest basketball arena in the entire nation, second only to Syracuse. When Tennessee was really awful, there were more UK fans than there were Tennessee fans. Often times, the 24,500 seat arena would be half empty. When Tennessee finally gets “good”, or dosen’t suck as much, the fans come to the game. They only support their team when they are doing well. The Women’s team receives more support than the Men’s team. UK fans however, support their team through thick and thin. Whenever a large game comes up for Tennessee, you would expect a sell-out. But no, only 20,474 fans showed up to last night’s beatdown, which is about 4,000 short of capacity. What will happen when Tennessee comes to town? Rupp will be full, maybe somewhat quiet, but full. Ever since Bruce Pearl came to Tennessee, factions of Tennessee fans keep talking about how Tennessee is the new king of the SEC. Note to Tennessee fans: Win a championship before you talk, or at least make the final four before you talk, or hell, make the elite eight, before you talk crap. Also, did you notice last night that the fans were bitching and moaning after every foul call was made against their team (and many were obvious fouls)? I also was noticing that in the Gonzaga game. They feel entitled to every call under the sun, and whine when a call (even if it is obvious) dosen’t go their way. They may be the most whiniest fans in the SEC.

what a clown!

what a clown!

Reason number two, the Coach: Bruce Pearl is the most overrated coach in the SEC, and maybe in all of college basketball. He can recruit, just ask Chris Lofton, who was turned away by the two previous UK basketball coaches. He also stole Scotty Hopson from Wildcat Nation, and he somehow managed to get Tyler Smith. What exactly has he done? He did go to the sweet 16 with a team that was ranked number one in the nation, only to get smacked by Pitino’s Cards. That was Tennessee’s best team ever, and hell, they couldn’t even make the FINALS of the SEC tournament, and were one shot away from losing in the quarterfinals. The year before, they lost to the worst team in the SEC west in the first round of the SEC tournament, LSU. In the NCAA, they went to the sweet 16, only to blow a 20 point lead against Ohio State. In his first season, as a top seed in the SEC tournament, he loses his first game, gets a two seed, beats the buzzer with Chris Lofton against 15 seeded Winthrop, only to get owned by none other than…..the Wichita State Shockers. He has done more with less, as evidenced this year. He had a loaded recruiting class, and was in the top ten this year. I also notice that players under Bruce Pearl do not improve. Chris Lofton had his worst year since his freshman year in his senior year (I know he had testicular cancer), but look at Wayne Chism, JP Prince, and a few others, they have not improved under Coach Pearl like they should have. Bruce Pearl appearantly does not understand the concept of half court defense. He uses full court pressure to mask his inability to coach true defense. This is evidenced by the six players who have had career highs against his team (Dionte Christmas (35), Jodie Meeks (54), Matt Bouldin (26), to name a few). Part of this may be that he’s too busy thinking about his next date with Erin Andrews, to think about how to stop Jodie Meeks, who was constantly getting open looks, and draining them. Don’t you notice that sweaty Bruce is always bitching to the refs, and a lot of times was getting the calls to go his team’s way? Despite all of that, as Tennessee was parading to the line in the second half, Kentucky still wins by 18.

Reason number three, the players: They are always trying to look hip, wearing those headbands in a rather peculiar way. I think that my opinion is shared by many millions around the college basketball world, and that is, the handbands look awful. They look thuggish (for lack of a better term), and they play that way. There is no sense of team, but they have the “I get the ball, I shoot it, you get the ball, you shoot it” mentality. Even when Tony Harris, Vincent Yarborough, Isaiah Victor and company were roaming the Tennessee courts, they underachieved, greatly. They swept UK in 1999, only to get owned by Mississippi State in the first round of the SEC tournament (which UK won), and then got worked in the second round, losing to SW Missouri State (now Missouri State), by 30 (81-51). The 2001 team was #3 in the country, then lost to Kentucky, and ball hogged their way to an eight seed in the NCAA tournament. There, they were promptly exited by UNC-Charolette. Look at the teams from the Bruce Pearl era, no defense, lots of shooting, and one on one playing. The few players that were not that way were Chris Lofton (a Kentucky guy, imagine that), and Dane Bradshaw (probably the reason that Tennessee was able to beat Virginia in the second round, on their way to the sweet 16 against Ohio State). Chism, JuJuan Smith, Ramar smith, Scotty Hopson, are all players that fall under this me-first, no defense type of player that Bruce Pearl seems to love to recruit. The last team to really play defense was that team that was led by CJ Black and Brandon Wharton, back on 1999.

I think that is enough reason to believe that Tennessee is an inferior program to not just Kentucky, but to about thirty other programs around the nation. For a program that has never made to the elite eight, they cannot make any arguement whatsoever. Also, the Orange is ugly as hell.


2 Responses

  1. I bet Gonzaga beat Portland in that game that is on the tv

  2. Gonzaga won by a score of 80-68 at the Earle Chiles Center in Portland. In the game where Bruce is looking and acting like a dork, the Tennessee women fell behind 19-0, on their way to a 74-70 loss to Duke.

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