Jodie Meeks has a decent game

Our man Jodie Meeks dropped 54 on the school that doesn’t know how to wear a headband.  I am tired of hearing about Stephen Curry.  I think Curry is a beast, but I would rather have Jodie on my team anynight.  I keep seeing Curry go 1-8, 2-10 from downtown.  Jodie on an off night will be 3 for 10 or something.  Meeks does something that Curry doesn’t do, in that he doesn’t force shots.  I guess I understand that Curry has nobody else on his team really, but it’s not like Jodie Meeks has anything outside of Patrick Patterson out there to take pressure off of him.

I just hope all of this new found publicity doesn’t get to his head, and he can continue to carry this team offensively like he has all season.  Move over Dan Issel, make way for the best shooter that the greatest basketball program of all-time has ever had.



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  1. Meeks may be a better player than Stephen Curry. Curry averages 29.1 ppg, while Meeks is averaging 25.9. Meeks is averaging 1.575 points per shot, while Curry is averaging 1.438 points per shot. Also, Curry is shooting 37.6 % from deep (58-154), where as Meeks is shooting 44.4 % from deep (67-151). Also, Curry has shot 324 times in 16 games, which is 20.25 shots per game, and has shot 126 free throws (7.875 shots per game), and has shot 154 three point shots (9.625 threes per). Meeks in 17 games has shot 280 shots for 16.47 shots per game, has shot 116 free throws which is 6.82 per, and has shot 151 three point shots, which is 8.88 per. If you extrapolate, and say that Meeks shot as much as Curry did, Meeks would average 32.8 ppg. Meeks statistically has played better than Curry.

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