Is Rupp Arena the most overrated venue in college basketball?

Now, before you get pissed at me, please read and think through my post, thoroughly. Every now and then, we see articles about the most intimidating arenas in the college basketball world. You always will see; Cameron Indoor Stadium, the Stephen O’Connell Center, the Breslin Center, and others. You will also see Rupp Arena being rated in the top ten everytime as well. I know that UK leads the nation in attendance, but having the third largest Arena (Carrier Dome, and Thompson Bowling Arena are larger) in college basketball helps. If we are so intimidating, then why are some games so quiet (I was listening to some of the Vanderbilt game the other day, and it was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop)? At Duke and Florida, the students and the crowd are rocking the whole game, regardless of who they are playing, whether it’s UNC, or directional U. It seems to me that the fans feed off the players, and not the other way around like it should. The high paying bluehairs, who have had tickets for years on end, sit on their hands, and only start cheering when there is a dunk, or a three point shot. If Rupp Arena is so intimidating, then why are no-name players coming in and just lighting it up, and having career games. Jimmy Baron’s game at Duke this year, does not happen very often for an opposing player at Cameron. But, at Rupp Arena, opposing player after opposing player have career games (or very, very good ones) at Rupp. Here is a brief list of players who went crazy in Rupp:

-The Crispin Brothers (Penn St, they combined for 57 points, and 13 three point baskets in 23 tries)
-Devin Ginty (San Diego, averages 4.6 ppg this year, averaged 2.5 ppg last year, and went perfect from the field on his way to 18 points)
-Tre Kelly (South Carolina, scored a career high 36 points in a loss in 07′)
-The entire VMI team (scored 111 points, the first time a UK opponent scored more than 100 points since Arkansas scored 101 on Feb 10, 1993)
-Paul Graham III (Florida-Atlantic, good player, averaging almost 17 a game, but scored a career high 31 points in Rupp)
-Adam Leonard (EKU, scored a career high 20 points, while going perfect on six three point shots in a loss in 07′)
-Josh Cooperwood (Tennessee State, scored a career high 32 points, then scored 0 points the next game in a 51 point HOME loss to none other than……..Morehead State).
-Jarvis Hayes (Georgia, great player, wound up an NBA player, but had his coming out party in 02, scoring 30 points, and Ezra Williams chipped in 20, with six threes to help Georgia to an 88-84 win)
-Arizona Reid (High Point, great player for HPU, but had 29 points and 16 rebounds against Kentucky, in a loss)

We’ve all seen it, players going off, we’ve seen Chris Lofton, Vincent Yarborough, Ryan Bogan from Longwood, and we also got to see Ledbetter from Ouachita stroke it like nobody’s business. I am getting sick and tired of all of the bluehairs in the front rows sitting on their hands doing nothing. If you’re in the front row, get loud. I understand that they pay a lot of money, but this is the UNIVERSITY of Kentucky, not a blueblood country club. If you’re going to sit on your hands, and only cheer when the team does well, stay at home. The players should be feeding off of the crowd, instead of the other way around. The students at Duke, Florida, Michigan State and others are close to the floor, in the front rows. The school is putting the students first (we all know that UK can get a little greedy with the money). The Erupption zone is only one endzone, but I think the students should be placed in the front ten rows around the arena, or at least around a large portion of the arena. I should not be able to hear the cheerleaders on the television. Also, opposing players are not intimidated to come to Rupp, as many players have come in and had career nights. Teams come in with a lot of confidence that they will win, regardless of who they are (just ask Western Kentucky, Gardner Webb, San Diego, and VMI). I think that the student section should be moved and/or expanded, or hell, let’s have a game or two at Memorial Coliseum, students only, invite some team like Duke (doubt they’ll come), someone. Imagine the atmosphere! I know that will never happen, but unless things change, look for more quiet games, and opposing players exploding at Rupp.


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  1. who are you?

  2. maybe we can move our home court to Thompson-Boling so Jodie can dominate all season

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