I know why Louisville beat UK

Kentucky Louisville Basketball

Today was a heartbreaker for all us Cat fans today.  Edgar Sosa had the best game of his life, in which he capped off with a 30 foot prayer with about 2 seconds left to pierce the hearts of Big Blue Nation.  The improbable comeback that almost was, fell short.  And there is one person that we can all blame it on….well other than Ramon Harris for not being ready for Perry Stevenson’s pass in the backcourt that went straight out of bounds.  And that person is my fiancee.

She has a pair of UK panties that she wears every gameday, football and basketball.  Well just so happens that today, they were not worn.  We lost, she didn’t wear her lucky drawers, case closed.  Call me Sherlock.  After the second time I backhanded her, she said she couldn’t wear them again today because she wore them for the Liberty Bowl game in which our Cats beat ECU.  That is quite the dilemma, but I still think the UK/Louisville basketball game gets priority over a UK football bowl game versus a C-USA team.  Let me know which game you think deserves the lucky panties.

Don’t check out my girl too hard though…..


2 Responses

  1. She should have went no panties.

  2. heard you got engaged, got to get it on lock down eventually I guess

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