Tomorrow brings yet another glorious bowl game to the college football world courtesy of Memphis, Tennessee.  The Liberty Bowl will be held between my UK Wildcats and the Pirates of East Carolina in a battle for the ages.

Trust me when I say I am the biggest homer you will ever meet.  Andre Woodson should have w0n the Heisman the 2 previous seasons, Wesley Woodyard should have been a first round pick, I thought we could go 12-0, Randall Cobb could be the next Pat White if we didn’t need him at WR, and if we do lose a game, then that team is obviously unreal.  But I honestly don’t think there is a chance in hell we beat ECU tomorrow.  The 2 reasons why I think this, and the only 2 reasons you need to know….

1.  Randall Cobb isn’t playing – not having your best player isn’t that big of a deal.

2.  Mike Hartline is playing QB – I have been saying all season that he isn’t even good enough to be the QB for our fraternity’s flag football squad.

Here is a critical piece of advice!!!!!!!!!!!  UK is a 2.5 point favorite tomorrow.  Take out every penny in your piggy bank and bet it on the Pirates!!  You can thank me later.

At least they breed some hot ass at ECU……

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