Goldust reminds me of an old college buddy, I don’t want to use any names….Non John.  You gotta love a wrestler who is known for groping his opponents in a suggestive manner and showing some affection towards them.

Goldust also had a fairly attractive woman on his side, Marlena.  All she did pretty much was smoke a cigar outside the ring while he wrestled.  She can smoke my cigar anytime she wants to…..okay, too cheesy, I know.  Val Venis, who WILL be on this segment later, claimed to have knocked her up, sparking a feud between Val and Goldust.

He didn’t have one single signature move, he used many different ones.  Here is a little video with his top ten moves.  Nevermind 2 and 3, those are moves Dustin Rhodes used when he went to TNA under the name Black Reign.

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You can’t forget Mini-Goldust                                                                                                      



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