The Price is Wrong, BITCH!

I am stealing this from Barstool Sports, but it is just too nuts to ignore.  This is complete bullshit.  There is absolutely no way in hell that this old man guessed it right on the nose without it being completely rigged.

The best part though is when the black lady/guy starts dancing after she finds out she only missed by like 400 bucks.  She almost dropped it on the old man there until she realized she was on national television.

UPDATE:  That old man also guessed right on the dot on an earlier bid to screw over that same lady.  HAHA

Here is the video from the showcase showdown

And nothing like watchign Happy Gilmore getting his ass kicked by Bob Barker.


One Response

  1. Wow I haven’t watched the price is right in maybe 6 or 7 years but I flipped it over there and this was the exact moment I saw except I didn’t keep it on to see who won and what not. Funny how Drew laughs and says “very exact bid.”

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