Old School Wrestler of the Day

A couple of buddies and I were talking this past weekend about old school wrestling and it brought back some fond memories.  So, I got to thinking that I would do an “Old School Wrestler of the Day” segment.  There is no particular order to how I am going to do this, just whenever someone pops into my mind.  If you have any nominations, send me an email to cehrtw@gmail.com.

The first wrestler to come to mind is Sid.  You may also know him as Sid Vicious or Psycho Sid.  He is from “wherever he damn well pleases!”  I don’t think I ever liked him for one second of my childhood as he was always the bad guy, and he was always feuding with the Hulkster.  He is also known for making the “Powerbomb” popular, always a good one to use on the trampoline.  And he ruined the set of Brutus the Beefcake’s barber shop.  What an ass hole!!

I read online that he got fired pretty much for a hotel scuffle incident he had with Arn Anderson, where he stabbed Arn in the chest and stomach with scissors.  Damn Sid!

If you have any other memories or anything you would like to throw in, put it in the comments.



2 Responses

  1. gonna be the best segment ever…

  2. I remember as a kid watching a wrestling Pay-Per-View and Sid jumped from the top rope and his leg snapped right in half. He was fighting Big Poppa Pump and the fight lasted about 2 more minutes before he finally pinned him with his leg dangling. It was pretty disgusting.

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