Ladies and Gentlemen…..Steve Kerr

It seems coach Kid has found a spot for me on his team, and let me be the first to say that I’m proud to be part of the Rock the Wristband news team.

My name is Tucan Slam, I’m a senior Sports Broadcasting student here at wonderful Eastern Kentucky University. My first love is  college basketball where I cheer for the no. 9 team in the country, the Xavier Musketeers. I grew up going to games at the Gardens and have been a die-hard fan ever since.

Justin Doellman..maybe my favorite player of all time

Justin Doellman..maybe my favorite player of all time

Here are the other sports teams I like….

NBA: New Orleans Hornets ( ..because James Posey and David West are on the team, both graduates of Xavier University)

College Football: Michigan Wolverines

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals

MLB: Cincinnati Reds

People believe I should root for that trash in Columbus, the Buckeyes. But me living in Cincinnati is the reason why I despise them. When I attend a Bengals game, they play that shitty “Hang on Sloopy” song after the 3rd quarter that might be the most retarded song ever,and I see the pieces of shit fans that sing it, and it follows with the cheer…O-H-I-O.  And it made me think, “why are they cheering for Ohio University?” Ohio State fans might be the biggest douche bags I have ever seen.  So I decided to cheer for the team that hates them just as much as me, the Michigan Wolverines.

I could keep going on my hatred for Ohio State, but I have better things to do. In the end, I’m a sports lover who enjoys smart, intelligent sports opinions, and this website is a great outlet to talk about them. I look forward to future posts, and I will end with one quote that sums up my life on this planet…..

“You ain’t got’s all the girls, cuz I gots all the girls” -The Hustle


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  1. Check out my facebook pics of the crosstown shootout on saturday. It was amazing listening to the stupid UC fans that know nothing about basketball all night as we beat them.

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