Pitino vs. Tubby

This Saturday could be quite interesting.  Rick Pitino’s Louisville Cardinals will take on Tubby Smith’s Minnesota Golden Gophers in the 2008 Stadium Shootout in Glendale, Arizona.  This will be the first time 2 former UK basketball coaches have ever coached against each other.  Tubby should get on both knees and give Ricky P. the best bj money can buy for that 1998 NCAA Championship Pitino handed him.  Seriously, my Grandma could have coached that team to the ship…..and if she did, they wouldn’t have had to comeback every game and be nicknamed the Comeback Cats.

Both teams look solid on paper so far throughout the season, but Louisville lost to WKU, and Minnesota is undefeated thanks in large part to their schedule.  But hey, they are winning the games they should be.

But here is to the guy that saved UK basketball, and the guy that ran us straight back into the ground.  Even though I hate Louisville with a passion, I hope they win by 50.  C-A-R-…..ah, fuck that!!!  I will never say their cheer they stole from us out of my own free will.

God, that makes me sick!!!  All that red trash and our precious arena.  Whatever it takes for Tubby to get owned.


2 Responses

  1. If that 1998 team was so good that Tubby had, who were the lottery picks from that team? Mercer? Walker? Delk? No, those guys all left with Pitino.

  2. there were still 4 NBA players including a former all-american and another first team all-sec player……1996 is the best NCAA team of all-time, 1998 isn’t too far behind on UK’s all-time greatest team list.

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