Cats and Canes

miami1Tomorrow is a big game for our Wildcats, as they host the Miami Hurricanes.  This isn’t football, where you can make a few NFL teams out of Miami “alums.”  The best player in the NBA from the U is John Salmons.  Rajon Rondo would nut all over Salmons’ face.  In my opinion, we have 2 people to worry about….Jack McClinton and Dwayne Collins.  Collins is Perry Stevenson, but with muscle, and actual basketball ability outside of cramming a wide open dunk.  He is the enforcer down low.  And McClinton is their go-to guy.  He is Miami’s Jodie Meeks, except not as good of course.  I honestly think our defense (Harris and Liggins) will be able to contain McClinton, and Collins might be good, but he can’t take over a game and win it by himself.

DeAndre “Scottie Pippen” Liggins is going to take another step toward greatness tomorrow night in game where I see him going for 15, 6 and 6.  I also think Josh Harrellson’s ability to stretch the defense and bring out a physical big man to the top of the key will be crucial.  Even if he doesn’t do much on offense, leaving Patterson one-on-one down low with anyone in the post is 2 points in our favor.

My prediction for the game, UK 83 Miami 75.  Meeks will score 23, Patterson 21, Liggins 15, and Scherbenske 24.

homebody prediction for the game, UK 76 Miami 72.  Meeks 31, Patterson, 17, Liggins 9, Harrellson 12, Masiello 35.


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  1. Almost had it right.

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