Big XII is stupid part deux

big12footballThe BIG XII is a joke.  Even though this is funny.


You’ve just been Hasselbecked!


I like Matt Hasselbeck.  Good QB, bald, helped me into the playoffs in my fantasy football league a couple of years back.  However, right now I love him.  He is just a regular guy with a sense of humor.  He visited a school and was leading an assembly on being physically fit, then kids were allowed to ask questions.  One girl asked, “Do you think girls should be allowed to play in the NFL?”   Hasselbeck’s reply… “Girls can play in the NFL. Ben Roethlisberger plays for the Steelers, right?”  DAMN SON!  Hasselbeck was joking, but very funny.

FYI and EFHFP: Matt’s brother, Tim, is married to Elisabeth Hasselbeck.  In case you don’t know what she looks like.


EFHFP – (Excuse for hot female pictures)  I’m open for a better abbreviation if you cant think of one.

Big XII is stupid

Big XII sucks

Another reason why the SEC is superior.  This is almost as frustrating as when you win the Doak Walker Award in NCAA Football, but then another halfback wins the Heisman.


I guess when you are the best QB in the nation not named Tebow or Hartline, you pull in some hot ass.  Here is his girlfriend, Rachel Glandorf.  She runs track for Baylor……..I’d show!

colt-mccoy-gf1 colt_mccoy_gf_booty

ME:  Girl your feet must be hurtin’ cuz you been runnin’ through my mind all day!

HER:  No, I just got done with track practice.

ME:  Blow me!