Me, anxiously awaiting on the edge of my seat for the next ground breaking “Matt Cassel is a beast” post.

19-39,169 yds. 1 rushing yd. 5 sacks. 2 INT. 2 Fumbles Lost. 39.4 Passer Rating

19-39,169 yds. 1 rushing yd. 5 sacks. 2 INT. 2 Fumbles Lost. 39.4 Passer Rating


Should he stay or should he go?

Sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve been busy, but homebody has been leaving threatening text messages on my phone so I have to post before he hurts me.

As I stated in my very first post, I am a huge Notre Dame fan. If you have been following college football even the slightest you know how bad ND has been the past two years. I usually make it to at least one game every year. This year was the Syracuse vs. Notre Dame game on Nov. 15th. There was 8-inches of snow on the ground and we decided that if we’re going to go see ND, we’re going to see them win. Syracuse was a 19.5 point underdog. 19.5! As Brandon Walker missed a game-winning 51 yard field goal as time expired my heart sunk to the ground. ND had lost to a team whose only victories were against 5-6 Louisville and 2-10 Northeastern!!!!!


The Irish faithful are calling for blood! Charlie Weis was hired as an “Offensive Mastermind”. Has anyone seen how bad the ND offense is??? Here’s some stats from the last two years:

Rushing Yards Per Game: 75.25 (115th)
Passing Yards Per Game: 167.0 (110th)
Total Yards Per Game: 242.25 (119th aka DEAD LAST)
Total Points Per Game: 16.42 (116th)
Sacks Allowed: 58.0 (119th)

Rushing Yards Per Game: 113.42 (98th)
Passing Yards Per Game: 231.4 (46th)
Total Yards Per Game: 344.83 (74th)
Total Points Per Game: 22.67(85th)
Sacks Allowed: 20.0 (47th)

Looking at the stats you may think ‘Hey! They are showing progression.’ The stats must be taken with a grain of salt. Notre Dame has played a much easier schedule this year (SDSU, Michigan, Syracuse) than last year (Penn State, Georgia Tech, Michigan (pre-Rod)). 6-6 hurts just as bad as 3-9. Especially when you’re losing games to inferior teams.

The Irish need an offensive line. Plain and simple. Everybody knows you can’t win football games if you QB doesn’t have time to throw and your running backs don’t have holes to run through. I charge Charlie Weis with firing the current O-line coach John Latina. He is terrible and should not be coaching my high school’s offensive line, let alone any college football team’s.

I would like to conclude with the following statement. I’m giving Charlie one more year. One more year to show TRUE progression. I want that signature win. That one moment where ND fans around the country can finally say: We’re back! If it doesn’t come next year, the little tiny bit of me that is pulling for Charlie will be gone. If we play next season like we did this year I’m sure you’ll see more of this:

Blow Me

This is the kind of shit that pisses me off real bad. I am a good guy, I don’t do anything blatantly wrong, and I still have no luck.  Sure, I have a roof over my head, food, 3 friends, and a girlfriend, but that shit is getting old.  When will something go my way like this?

Louisville sucks, but this guy doesn’t

To add on to the post below, the only thing better than a UK victory is a Louisville loss.  We bring home hardware, they get beat by an in-state “rival.”  UK fans are all as happy as this guy mackin’ on some chic, and a damn good looking one if I do say so myself.  This guy obviousy gets laid more than I do.