Best team in the state?


Western Kentucky continued their Cinderella Run from last year tonight versus Louisville.  Yes, Western beat Louisville by 14.  We all know that the state of Kentucky is king when it comes to college basketball.  Kentucky is the all-time leader in wins and not to be outdone, WKU is 14th and Louisville is 18th.  Also, Kentucky Wesleyan leads all Division II schools with 8 National Championships.  We all know that the University of Kentucky is the best program throughout (this is not debatable) history and the other Kentucky schools are bad themselves.  But it does beg the question, which is the best team in the state right now?  I’m gonna go with WKU by default.  They beat Louisville head to head and Kentucky just don’t look good right now, even though we brought home a trophy this weekend.  So big ups to WKU for a job well done, hopefully at the end of the year we can say UK is hands down the best team in the state.

p.s. Shout out to the Alma Mater, hang in there EKU!

eku(4-2 right now… not bad)


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  1. Can I get a shout out for my UD Flyers? 6-0 and beat #15 Marquette by 14 points. They’ve got the best player no one knows about yet in Chris Wright as he showed his balls to the chin of Acker for Marquette on this dunk:

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