Beat Kentucky at your own risk

Look, it’s as simple as this: The University of Kentucky will ‘win’ in some fashion.  In 2006, Michael Bush was a Heisman Favorite.  UK was playing Louisville in the first game of the season, and Bush had ran all over us enough (128 yards annd 3 TDs).  Wesley Woodyard had enough, and took matters into his own hands.  Woodyard successfully broke Bush’s leg in two places, thus ending his Heisman hope, his season, and his career at Louisville.  Bush went on to get drafted by the Raiders and is finally recovered from the broken leg in his second NFL season.  Now, Louisville fans and UK fans alike, cheer for Bush; after all he is a Kentucky boy.


Having said this, Tyler Zeller must not follow UK athletics.  Last Saturday, UNC was having its way with our beloved Wildcats.  Late in the 2nd half, UNC’s 5 Star, 7 foot tall freshman center, had a break away.  He quickly learned that some buckets aren’t free when you play the Cats.  Ramon Harris was the one to introduce Zeller to the Wildcat Ways.  Needless to say, Zeller suffered a broken wrist, and is out for the year.


Moral of the Story: Destroy us if you will, just know that givin the chance, we WILL take matters into our own hands and deal with the situation at hand.  Now you know the consequences.  WHO’S NEXT?


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