Dear Tubby Smith


I feel weird saying this, and I never like to question my own instinct…..but I miss Tubby Smith.  Trust me, I hated him more than anything when he was our head coach.  I started a group on Facebook called Fire Tubby Smith, and racked up thousands of members.  I was all for him leaving the Bluegrass, and when he did… day of my life.

But as I sit here watching my boys getting their asses kicked 25-11 by a UNC team without its best player, I have been wondering which scenario I liked better.  A team full of guys who weren’t very good but still won 25-30 games a year, and made the Sweet 16 or……a team with good recruits that get beat by 40, lose to VMI, Gardner-Webb, Houston and so on.  Atleast when Tubby was here, we won those “gimme” games against the Tennessee Tech’s or whatnot.

Tubby refused to recruit the high profile names because he wanted more of a team, and Billy G hangs his hat on getting the best high school players in the nation to come to UK.  I used to complain about the stagnant offense Tubby ran, but Billy G does the same shit.  We make 10 perimeter passes before throwing up a bad shot with less than 5 seconds left.  And every pass we make, I have to hold my breath.

The players we have on our team just aren’t going to cut it if we want to win a championship.  That was the case when Tubby was here, but atleast we racked up some wins.  After we miss out on the NCAA tournament this year, I would like for us to possibly make a coaching change.

Billy G, you are a hell of a recruiter, but as X’s and O’s go, I could do better than you.  Tubby, you are a beast as far as X’s and O’s go, but your recruiting is suspect.  I would rather have the latter now that I have had both.

Here is to a depressing season of Kentucky basketball, and no sign of coming back to the Pitino days.  I am tired of talking about our past greatness, I want greatness now!

Praise God this Davidson game is on or I would have a stroke here in about 10 minutes.  Fuck you Michael Porter!!!!!!


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  1. don’t 100% agree… but best post in a while… i laughed… enjoyed it

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