Kentucky Basketball

vmiI am aware that the loss to VMI took place last Friday, but I am just now able to post something without using a ton of four letter words.  Now with the season underway, there are even more questions than answers.  Many people have their own opinions about the loss to VMI, and I have mine.  The only difference in everyone else’s and mine, is that I am correct.  I’ve been trying to think of some positives from the game, but there just aren’t any.  We lost to VMI.  Yes, they lead the nation in scoring per game the past two years, and they had the leading scorer in the nation the last two years (Reggie Williams, graduated), but they still suck as a whole.  They were 14-15 last year averaging 91.3 points per game.  They were 14-19 two years ago averaging 100.9 points per game.  No way in hell they should beat Kentucky.  You can’t even say we did well scoring 103, cause VMI just gives lay-ups away, why else would they have a losing record while averaging 91 and 101 points per game?

gillispieI am a Billy G fan.  However, after watching this shit go down, I am questioning his coaching skills.  VMI’s tallest player was 6’7 and after that, there were two 6’4 guys.  Billy G NEVER went to a small lineup to match the quickness.  All VMI did was play 5 out and drive and dish.  I’m sorry, but Perry Stevenson and Patrick Patterson should have only played like 10 minutes that entire game.  Billy G only played 8 players.  I thought we were supposed to be deep this year.  This was a game for 3 points specialists and people with 1 on 1 moves.  Having said that, we never saw Kevin Galloway, AJ Stewart, Landon Slone, Mark Krebs, and even Donald Williams.  All of these guys are supposedly great at either shooting or being able to get to the hole.  Darius Miller was our 2nd best player, yet he didn’t come in the last like 7 minutes.  The “MUCH IMPROVED” Ramon Harris was in, and he is hands down the worst Mr. Basketball of any state ever.  To quote The Kid, “How in the fuck do you air ball a layup when you are 6 foot fucking 6.”  To go along with his personnel choices, Billy G obviously didn’t watch tape on VMI.  He didn’t have to, after the first 2 minutes he could have made adjustments on defense, but he NEVER did.  YOU DON’T HELP OFF OF DEAD EYE SHOOTERS!  That is exactly what VMI wants, yet he never made the adjustment.  Nothing positive came of this game.  If you think something positive came of this game, I am sure I can argue that it didn’t.  Hit me up in the comments section, or email at

We play #1 ranked UNC tomorrow.  They will be without Tyler Hansbrough, and could be without Ginyard and Frasor.  UK had better win, or at least keep it within 10 at the very least.  My prediction, UK wins 87-85.  FINGERS CROSSED!



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  1. Ramon Harris wouldn’t see the floor for EKU

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