O Canada!

Wow, I can’t believe America! Obama has to be the least qualified person to ever be elected to President of the United States. I think he will be a classic “talk the talk, but not walk the walk” kind of guy. I read a quote that pretty much sums him up.

“I see Obama as a tall tree that will sway with whichever the wind will blow. His convictions were neutral at best, and I hardly ever heard him give a yes or no answer to questions. ”

This is how I view him as well…

Oh well! I guess you guys can tell I’m conservative. Here’s to 4 years of “change” from Obama and as I stated last night…

“Don’t blame me. I voted for McCain.”


2 Responses

  1. I voted for McCain also, but there’s no point in complaining or anything. We just gotta give him a shot and stand behind him. He can’t be any worse the G Dub.

  2. Sweet post…

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