Adam Morrison cuts his hair

via the Charlotte Observer

I don’t know what I think about the new ‘do.  Sure, he can probably actually pull in some tail with the new haircut, but it’s just not Adam Morrison.  I am going to miss the gorgeous, brown locks in need of some Prell.  His teammate, Jared Dudley, said he looks like Jim Carrey in The Cable Guy.  I still think he is a mix of Ron Jeremy and the tall scary guy from Happy Gilmore.

As a fellow member of the Punch Yourself in the Head, and Can’t Grow a Mustache Club, it’s about time he took a Bic to that scraggly piece of cunt hair he has above his lip.  If you read the article, NBA waste Sean May seems to agree.  I am hoping that the new hair enables him to finally produce on the floor at an NBA level.  Since my former man crush, JJ Redick, isn’t doing a damn thing, it would be nice to see Adam do something.  That might be kinda tough being the 11th or 12th man in the rotation, but I wish him luck.

Man, I miss the good ol’ days

Peter Man – – Morrison Dunking at the apt. – – homebody

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