Brotherly Love

World Series Champs.  Well, I was way off with my prediction.  Who knew?  Sweet rain delay.  At least they didn’t call it with the Rays down 2-1 or that would have been the end of the World Series and a shitty end at that.  The Rays looked like shit the entire series and the Phillies just came out and put it to them.  What a disappointing effort by the Rays after such an unbelievable performance against the Red Sox.  Everybody was jumping on the Ray-Wagon (me included) and before we knew it, the Phillies came out guns blazin’.  Since the beginning of the series the Rays didn’t have a chance.  The Big 3 for the Phillies were not even firing on all cylinders, and they still looked impressive.  Rollins, Utley and Howard combined for just a .230 average.  Cole Hamels was named World Series MVP, since his teammates didn’t swing the bats.  All in all, it was a good end to a good MLB season.  The National League got a Championship, which is always good.  Next season is already shaping up to be a good one.  Will the Yankees bounce back? What about the Red Sox?  Can the Rays do it again? Which Tiger team will we see next year? Where will Jake Peavy and Matt Holliday be playing?  Will there be another worst to first?  So many questions, and no answers yet.  Let the countdown to Spring Training begin.


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  1. will the Reds win 90 or 100 games?

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