Lions Do Something Right

You can always count on the Lions for 2 things every year:

One: they will be horrible; 0-7 this year.

Two: they will have one standout Halloween costume.

Last year at the Mike Furrey Foundation’s Charity Halloween Party Jon Kitna came dressed up as defensive line coach Joe Cullen while Kitna’s wife went as Wendy, of Wendy and them.  (Cullen caused quite a stir around the country, when he allegedly made a late night run to a Wendy’s drive-thru for a Double Stack… naked.) Again this year, the Lions had some drama that a player could capitalize on come Mike Furrey’s Halloween Party.  In case you don’t remember, Rudi Johnson accused Tatum Bell of stealing his luggage earlier this year.  Former Detroit Lion, Roy Williams, decided to be the one with the big costume hit.  Oh, the Lions, can’t help to love ’em…

Thanks to Former RtW contributor, The Hustle, for the tip.


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  1. Former? I’m still here. Just not enough time. You might be seeing a little more of me soon.

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