BREAKING NEWS: Ty Willingham resigns after ND beat down!

When I published my post a couple of days ago I’m pretty sure I wrote that the Notre Dame/Washington game was going to be a “bloodbath”. Well today Ty Willingham has announced he will resign at the end of this season. In case you missed the highlights, ND DESTROYED Washington.

Final Stat Line:
1st Downs 25 /9
Total Yards 459 /124
Passing 207 /98
Rushing 252 /26
Penalties 7-55 /5-50
3rd Down 6-14 /5-14
4th Down 2-6 /0-0
Turnovers 1 /0
Possession 37:28 /22:32

Obviously, I would hope the Irish would be able to pull out a win against an 0-7 Huskies team but they did it in a way that made the Irish faithful proud.

FYI, Washington never crossed the 50 yard line until their last drive in the 4th quarter. The Husky offense was finally able to score against the hot dog vendors and a local pee-wee football team that were asked to finish the game for the Irish defense.

Loyal University of Washington hot dog vendor

You too can play for Washington, kids!

Happy Trails Ty! I’m sure it wasn’t your fault and there is something else to blame. In case you’re bored and want to know why every ND fan you talk to has nothing good to say about Ty Willingham read this post.


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