This is my first post on RocktheWristband.  The Kid and homebody have decided to give me a shot.  I figured that before I start writing random thoughts, ramblings, and what not…I should introduce myself.

I’m one of the biggest Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans you’ll ever meet.  College football is my sport of choice.  Watching SEC schools crush each other is an absolute blast even though I don’t follow them closely.  I also gotta give some love to the Marshall Thundering Herd.  The once dynasty of the 90’s, they’ve had NFL-caliber players such as: Moss, Pennington, and Leftwich.  The Herd will return.

Saying all this…

There is one thing I must stress…

I HATE the Ohio State Buckeyes.

OSU fan in Capri pants…nice!

Being born and raised in Ohio has made it almost unbearable to be around Ohio State fans nowadays.  Ohio State fans are their own breed.  I’ve never seen such classless, violent, loud, obnoxious, rude, and ridicioulous fans.  You could use the same adjectives to describe every player on their team as well.  I really do despise them and you will see that in my posts.

It is sad that I put OSU #1 on my list of hated teams as a Notre Dame Fan.  I should have our traditional rival USC #1 but USC looks like a team of monks compared to OSU.  That being said, I still despise USC, Michigan, Boston College, Purdue, Michigan State, and any other rival of the Irish.

Wow…that was quite a ramble so I’ll just get this general info out before I go.

MLB: Cincinnati Reds

NHL: Columbus Blue Jackets

NBA: What’s the NBA??

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals

I leave you with this…the Irish play tomorrow at 8:00pm on ESPN2 vs. Washington. It’s gonna be a bloodbath. Former Irish coach Lou Holtz is now known for his pep talks on ESPN. I’m sure you’ve seen one or two of these.  I had to put this one up because it’s just too funny. Enjoy!


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