UK Fans are the Best Fans in the World

There is a poll going on for hottest cheerleader in the United States.  They are currently in round three, and all of the remaining girls are pretty hot……except for one.  That one would be the UK cheerleader on the list.  I honestly think a Tennessee fan threw a pic of this chic on here because this has to be the ugliest UK cheerleader of all time.  Somehow though, she is in 2nd place.  I felt like I was cheating myself by voting for the UK girl, but that’s my job as a fan.  I vote for everything UK is associated with.  This girl should have never made the list, but by God, I am going to use my 10 votes a day to make sure she advances to the finals, and brings home another ‘ship for the Cats.

If you have facebook, here is a link for an easy way to vote for her.  I am not going to even give you her name, you will tell by spotting the most busted one on the page.  If I was unbiased, I would vote for the Nebraska cheerleader.  For some reason, I just think a Nebraska girl would be freaky as hell.


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