Tony Homo

Look, Tony Romo is good.  I will give you that.  However, I do not like him for multiple reasons.  A couple being he gets to play football for a large sum of money and he dates hot bitches.  Now, he has given me another reason not to like him.  He broke his pinkie and is going to be out for 4 weeks.  Candy Ass.  Then the news breaks that Favre called Romo and told him to try and play.  Today, Romo says he can play if the coaches will let him.  Some people will say that Romo is a hero for opting to play now.  The way I look at is Favre, in a sly way, called him out.  Basically, Favre said try to play if you can deal with the pain, if not, don’t play.  If one of the best QBs ever pretty much called you pussy to your face, you would probably try to play too.  Having said this, I would still take Romo on my fantasy squad.


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