Shagari Alleyne is a Globetrotter

Shagari Alleyne is now a member of the Harlem Globetrotters under the name Skyscraper.  Wow, must be nice to be 7’3”.  You can be dumber than a pile of dog shit, unathletic, and still pursue a career in basketball.  He got paid a healthy sum to practice with the Philadelphia 76ers last year, and now he gets played a healthy sum to play psuedo-basketball.  I always remember the Globetrotters as hitting half court hook shots and stuff, not awkwardly running up and down the court for 3 minutes and mishandling an entry pass to the post.  I guess the Globetrotters are taking anybody these days.

Oh well, I still love his goofy ass.  Can’t wait to order my Skyscraper jersey!!!!


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