Daniel Orton Madness 2008

gives me chills everytime

gives me chills every time

Last night was UK’s Big Blue Madness.  Despite having to sit through all the women’s team bs, a good time was had by all.  A few thoughts from the night….

-I am a little iffy on the new uni’s.  I am not too big on the tight top, capri pant bottom look.  I would honestly rather see us wearing ball hugging coochy cutters than our new long skorts.  Other than the fitting, I absolutely love the design and the idea behind it.

-I absolutely love every new guy on the team.  Liggins and Galloway will be great ball handlers who can penetrate to the hoop.  Liggins’ “questionable jumpshot” looked smooth in nailing a deep three.

-If Patterson comes back next year, and we get Daniel Orton, we will have 2 Pat, Orton, Harrellson, and Pilgrim down low.  Matt Pilgrim looked like a fucking stud.  He probably pulled down around 37 rebounds.

-I am in love with Patterson’s new afro!!!

-Ramon Harris is going to be Gerald Wallace Jr. this year.  I can see a stat line around 12 ppg, 6 reb, 3 ast, 3 stl, a block.  He just looks like an animal right now.

-Jodie Meeks might average 60 points a game if his arm doesn’t fall off first.  There was a time where he probably took around 9 shots in a row, all three-pointers.  He probably shot around 50 percent last night, so he can shoot all he wants.  We will need it.

-Adam Delph looked solid, and very comfortable.  It would be nice to see him get some clock during blowouts this season and see what he can do.

Okay here are some pictures.  My program for pictures kinda sucks, so sorry if they aren’t the best quality.

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