“Grapes” Cherry

Let me start by saying, “I do not enjoy hockey.”  Is there even an off-season?  It is ridiculous how much coverage the NHL gets on ESPN.  That many people can’t watch it.  Other than the northern United States, Canada, and Russia (Canada and Russia don’t really count), who cares about it?  ESPN never covers soccer/futbol and it is only the 2nd most popular sport world wide behind golf.  Even though I do hate most things about hockey, there are 3 things that make it somewhat watchable.

The first thing are the fights/big hits.  Hands down the best parts about hockey, no questions asked.

The second best thing about hockey are the careers of Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby.  I will admit, I will watch highlights of them both on ESPN.  They are both studs and I am older than both of them (along with Lebron, Evan Longoria, Adrian Peterson, and tons of other beast ass athletes born after 1984.) which makes me feel like a complete waste of life.

The third and last thing that is good about hockey is getting a chance to see Don “Grapes” Cherry and his wardrobe.  He is a former player and coach, but now he is a commentator for CBC Television in Canada and he does a little bit for ESPN.  In case you have never seen what he wears, you will enjoy the gallery of pictures.

and I’m not 100% sure, but I think the NHL season starts sometime this week, but who cares…


tidbit- In most, if not all of these pictures he has a rose on his lapel.  It’s in memory of his wife who died from cancer in 1997.  Ever since then he always wears a rose on his lapel.  Her name was Rose.


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