Ed Hochuli will beat you up

So, Ed Hochuli has had a pretty hard season so far and people are riding him hard core.  The man is one of the best NFL Referees there is.  He is always been good and he has headed up two Super Bowl crews.   Yes, his crew has blown about 3 or 4 calls this year but who hasn’t.  He won’t be in the Super Bowl this year, simple because of these blown calls, but that’s okay.  I didn’t realize how hard it is to be an NFL referee.  Forget the actual game, every NFL referee has to take a rulebook test every Saturday before the game.  Then after the game, as a crew they go over every call made in the entire game.  That’s just nuts.  Kind of a pointless post but, writing it gave me an excuse to put up some pictures of this Lawyer/NFL referee’s ginormous muscles.


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