ALCS, Here we come

Rays vs. Red Sox.  AL East battle for the AL crown.  I think a lot of people wanted this match up.  The Rays Cinderella season continues and the Red Sox get the chance to prove to everyone that they are still the Beasts of the AL East.  I like this match up.  I would love to see the Rays get to the World Series.  Boston fans blow, so I hope the Rays put it to them.  It will be hard though.  With Beckett, Daisuke, and Lester starting the Red Sox will be hard to deal with.  If Mike Lowell can’t get his hip right, the Red Sox will miss him more than people think.  As much as I want the Rays to beat the Red Sox, I think the Red Sox will win in 5.  Tune in Friday for Game 1.  Leave your predictions if you like…


2 Responses

  1. I predict and I hope that the Rays will win in 6. Boston is clutch in the postseason but i think this is the Rays year. Evan Longoria is unreal, he will end up the World Series MVP when they win it all.

  2. I agree, Rays in 6.

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