Sitting in a Library in Chandler, AZ

So, I am living in Arizona right now.  No Cable, No Internet.  I am pretty much out of the loop right now in the sports world.  It’s a shitty time not to have access to the Internet or have cable, with the MLB Playoffs starting, College Football in full swing, NFL in full swing, new seasons of The Office, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Kath & Kim(never seen it, but it looks pretty good.)  Also, fantasy sports have been going on and I have been struggling to keep up with my 5 football teams and my English Premier League fantasy team.  However, I did finish in the Top 3 in 5 of my 7 Baseball Leagues.  3 First place finishes, 1 Second place and 1 Third place, so it’s not all bad.  I can’t speak for the other bloggers on this site, but once I get re-connected to the world the posts will be much more frequent. 

Since the MLB Playoffs have already started, I won’t give predictions.  But I would love to see the Rays and the Angels mix it up in the ALCS.  In the NL I would love to see the Brewers and the Dodgers.  In the World Series, the Rays and the Brewers would be nice.  With the Brewers winning it all.  The NL could use a title every now and again.  Some might, say… “How can you not want to see the Cubies win it all?”  The answer is simple.  Cubs fans suck.  Plus, they wouldn’t be the Cubs if they won it all.  I enjoy seeing the come up short every year.

As for the Top 5 Hottest TV Moms, the countdown I guess will have to wait til Monday maybe.  I should be up and running by then.  I would do it now, but the computers at this Library won’t let me get any good pictures of females…

I guess that’s about all I have right now, I’ll be in touch in the coming days.


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